Prevention of Occupational Health and Safety Risks Policy

The Prevention of Occupational Health Hazards and Safety Risks Policy of our company, is designed to take into account the professionalism and accountability of the workers of Eiffage Métal.

Management is committed to leading and enforcing compliance of the prevention of the occupational health hazards and safety risks system, to comply with the applicable prevailing legislation and Eiffage’s internal procedures, as well as the OHSAS 18001 Standard, on occupational health and safety in the workplace management system.

Management’s objectives regarding this prevention of occupational health and safety risks policy are established and defined by the following commitments:

  • 1.- Rigorous implementation
    1.1 the identification, evaluation, and effective control of the risks associated to the work in order to minimise accidents and occupational illnesses.
    1.2 the suitability of the employee and his job position through the monitoring of his health.
    1.3 the planning of the preventive actions comprising the required prevention and protection measures, the continuous monitoring of its efficiency and effectiveness.
    1.4 the training of the employees as regards to the prevention of occupational safety risks.
  • 2.- The occupational health hazards and safety criteria is set out in our prevention of occupational health hazards and safety risks management system, integrated into the company’s activity and in all its hierarchical levels, by promoting the culture of prevention through the education and training of workers, as well as in the coordination of activities with our customers and sub-contractors.
  • 3.- Actions carried out in our activities, shall have priority the prevention of harm and the deterioration in the health of our workers. In addition, act for compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes related to their hazards to health and safety at work.
  • 4.- The revision of the prevention of occupational risks which shall ensure its maintenance and ongoing improvement of the prevention system, setting objectives and targets, which shall be periodically reviewed as well as the present policy.

Management wishes to remind one that the prevention of occupational health and safety risks is a matter for everyone, and for that reason, your participation and collaboration is requested in order to achieve a continuous improvement in our management system.


October 2017

Abelardo Sánchez Sánchez
General Manager Eiffage Métal